Hestia Motion Memory Mattresses

Each of the Hestia® Motion memory mattresses have been treated with feature a layer of Reflex foam to relieve pressure and mould around the contours of the users body for increased comfort. In addition to this each of these mattresses have been treated with Adaptive, a temperature controlling fabric that will keep users cool and dry all night, every night.

In the Hestia® Motion memory mattresses collection we offer;

  • Memory Prime – Layer of pressure relieving memory foam on Reflex foam offering a firm feel
  • Memory Principal – Layer of pressure relieving memory foam on Reflex foam offering a medium feel
  • Memory Premium – Layer of pressure relieving memory foam on Reflex foam offering a soft feel
  • Memory on Pocket – 50mm of memory foam on 1000ct Pocket Spring Unit  offering a medium – firm feel

Base Extra Please See The Hestia Motion Bases For More Info.

Please pop in to our store or contact us for more details, you may also qualify for zero V.A.T on this product so Please ask.



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Features Benefits
Memory Foam Offering pressure relief as the body is evenly distributed across the entire surface which results in less tossing and turning. The memory foam is able to conform to the curves of the body to keep the spine in natural alignment and evenly distributes the weight thus relieving the body of stress and tension during sleep. Finally this layer of memory foam absorbs energy and pressure and so the movement of others should not cause a disturbance.
Pocket Spring ( Memory on Pocket only) The springs promote natural alignment of the spine and ensure that your weight is evenly distributed, this in turn reduces the amount of strain put on your body during sleep. The pocket springs also offer an increased amount of air circulation inside the mattress to ensure a good night’s rest and a comfortable bed temperature.
Treated with Adaptive To keep the you cool and dry, all night every night.